LUX Hotels & Residences

Hotel Management & Operation

Our Philosophy

LUX Hotels & Residences remains true to its philosophy to be sincere to the upscale market without pretentiousness, and assures each property maintains a standard of service and luxury that exceeds expectations. Incorporating local culture is also vital so that all guests leave with the knowledge of their surroundings.




Under its management agreements, LUX Hotels & Residences supervises all aspects of hotel operations including sales and marketing, reservations, accounting, purchasing, budgeting, hiring, training and supervising of staff. In addition to overseeing the day-to-day operations, LUX Hotels & Residences also develops and implements sales and marketing strategies, operates the central reservation system and provides a centralized purchasing system for goods.


The company is run by a young but very experienced team leed by Luxury hotelier Julian Smaldoni. Smaldoni has a vast experience as Senior Executive in Luxury Boutique and Lifestyle Brands such as Quinta Real Hotels, Viceroy Hotel, Capella Hotels, Thompson Hotels, Faena Hotels and Hilton. For more info please contact


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About the Developers


Passionate Visionary and Able Leadership

Vision and determination are qualities which have led Grupo Menesse to develop unique projects in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, one of the most important, flourishing destinations in the world.

Our main objective is to design, build and consolidate projects in key areas of the Riviera Maya, optimally combining location, cost and quality, and transforming them into the best residential business opportunities in the area.


Conceptualization & Creation

Unlike traditional franchised or brand managed hotels, we can create properties with unique concepts that exceed the demand of the public, providing guests with a distinctive experience.

Each property offers simple yet plush accommodations and innovative surroundings and has a personality specifically targeted to reflect the local environment. The property's perception is matched by attention to detail, personalized service and operating philosophy is common to all its properties.


We know that each property has its own personality and that no two are alike. This is why we evaluate each of our clients to customize the project to match its surroundings and allow it to become the best in the area.

From city center hotels to beach hotels to ski resorts the thread that ties our properties together is the secret ingredient, service, consistency and attention to guests. This has made increased our OCC and Rate by 40% IN ONLY 6 months at Blue Sky Tulum to give an example.

the shore at 46th Menesse


Solid Real Estate Investments

We're supported by 15 successfully continuous years, directed by professionals that have been involved into the most important Real Estate companies around Mexico, working into national and international proyects.


We're a Developer Real Estate Group

with vision, finantial solidity and brand recognition. We are experts into develop finantial schemes for Real estate, driven into urban development and focused in offering a high living quality for our customers and added value for the investors